Workshop Inquiry

Are you ready to explore how Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) can become transformational opportunities for your organization, beyond purpose-washing? Let’s talk to tailor your creatables workshop!

For what might be aeons, our team has been traversing creative technology markets, platforms and contexts, having worked for international clients and audiences, as well as on our own products. We have designed, developed and released award-winning, captivating and empowering experiences and technologies, both digital and without need for electricity. By way of games as well as creative media and design meth0ds, we have helped address SDGs such as Good Health & Well-Being; Quality Education; Gender Equality; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Reduced Inequalities; and Climate Action. With our creatables conference hosted by the Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg, we also tackle the Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure SDG.

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