We have formed creatables to foster sustainable cross innovation with games, UX and Co., creatively so.

Develop sustainable innovation with game mechanics

mission and vision

Digitalization and sustainability - the challenges facing society and business. Climate neutrality by 2050, use of AI and digital transformation in all industries, user-centricity in innovation and realization of the broad 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, these are the targets for the coming years.

In this regard, entrepreneurs are increasingly seeing themselves challenged and are facing pressure from investors to actively and transparently incorporate sustainability into their businesses in order to secure further investment. Consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive to the issue of sustainability and are demanding credible satisfaction of their needs through products produced and services operated in a sustainable manner. In addition, there is political and societal pressure in the context of climate goals and the UN's 17 SDGs.

Interview with Steffen p. Walz

Finding new narratives for sustainable living and business - sustainability as an innovation opportunity


Thinking sustainability and digitalization together for new products/services


Using motivating game and experience design mechanisms for innovations


Engaging creatives as translators of technical innovation into a good user experience - the importance of design and purpose in innovation


Living interdisciplinarity in innovation teams

Sustainability as an innovation opportunity for companies

The goal of the creatables initiative is to open up digital transformation and sustainability as an innovation opportunity for companies. To this end, we bring together SMEs, researchers and creative professionals, especially from games development and UX design, in order to shape the future together in interdisciplinary teams using creative technologies. This involves the development of digital applications, training courses, new products and services, and business models. With its innovation vouchers and digitization bonus plus, the state of Baden-Württemberg offers attractive funding models for digitization projects by companies in the state.

Transformation processes with game developers and UX designers

Games and media companies, UX designers, creative start-ups and researchers at the state's universities are champions of digital transformation. The level of digitization in the creative industries is extremely high. Game and UX designers have valuable knowledge and experience in iteration, user testing, retention, engagement and user interface design. They know which techniques lead to the user using a process or a mechanic again and again out of an intrinsic motivation, how a good user experience is created and how the user also acquires important knowledge in a playful way. Digital games technologies, VR and AR applications, the use of games engines and creative working methods offer powerful new tools for the development of sustainable business strategies, new products and services, and training/education for all industries.

Sustainable innovation via collaboration SMEs with creative professionals

Creatables brings together SMEs, start-ups, game developers, universities and creative industries as an innovation team to promote cross-innovation in the context of sustainability on an equal footing, collaboratively with creative methods and in a very practical way. Sustainability stands for the necessity of change in our world, our society and our daily lives.

We make, promote and communicate creatables


We are a small collective of experts with expertise in business development, UX, game design, art, marketing and promotion of creative industries. We see sustainability as an opportunity for innovation and rely on creative motivational techniques, especially from the games sector, to shape change.

Our goal is to bring game developers and other digital creatives together with companies and organizations from other industries to jointly address digital transformation and the climate crisis, as well as other sustainable development goals.

Get in touch! collective@creatables.de

The CREATABLES-Collective:

Dr. Angela Frank (MFG Baden-Württemberg)

Frieda Preuß (friedapreuss.)

Janick Oswald (vaerk)

Philip Rigley (Spiegel-Institut)

Prof. Sebastian Stamm (University of Applied Sciences Europe, Berlin & Black Pants Studio)

Prof. Dr. Steffen P. Walz (diconium, Infinite Digital & Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne)

Sven Schmidt (SvenSchmidt.one)

  • Creatables - Games, UX & Co is for us a catalyst for sustainable development and innovation in the country.

    Dr. Angela Frank

    Dr. Angela Frank is head of this unit at MFG Baden-Württemberg. MFG supports creative professionals in the state with funding programs, competitions and networking events. With the creatables initiative, it wants to bring creatives together with founders and companies from other industries with the goal of creating sustainable innovations.

    In particular, the use of creative techniques and motivating game mechanics can drive digitization and sustainable development. Baden-Württemberg has a diverse developer scene in the field of games, UX, AR and VR. In addition, there are excellent educational institutions, especially in the media sector, with graduates who are settling in the state and are to be networked even more closely with companies through the creatables initiative. MFG is the organizer of the creatables conferences and also initiates workshops and network meetings in this area.

  • I am creatable because I love to integrate creative methods and a large portion of positive energy into my daily work and transform them into valuable solutions together with my clients.

    Frieda Preuß

    Frieda Preuß is a freelance consultant and co-initiator of creatables. With a vast background in psychology and public health and seven years of professional experience as senior UX consultant she is capable to support her clients in the design of human-centered products and services.

    Since its foundation, creatables has become part of her personal pursuit to create real impacts to the outside world. "We are far from perfect and do not know all the solutions, but we know that sharing, learning and mutual growth are the step in the right direction. Be brave. Investing in an unknown future - our future. Future is always unknown, even if we do not invest. None of us knows what will happen in the next second. We make our assumptions about the future based on previous experiences and knowledge. Only when we have new experiences and boldly move forward do we have the chance for new predictions and exciting unknown solutions."

    As a consultant Frieda Preuß supports people and corporations creating their individual path to a lasting transformation towards holistic sustainability and acts as a package of full energy, sparring partner and solution seeker. 

  • Creatables is for me a place and a movement that brings together creatives from different industries and regions to connect ideas and potentials and create real change.

    Janick Oswald

    Janick Oswald is a digital consultant, creative mind, online event specialist and workshop host from Southern Germany.

    With vaerk he combines his drive to connect IT, business and psychology to shape sustainable change with creative ideas. His heart beats for digital space, inspiring events and unconventional ideas for a just and digital future.

    In his free time, he occasionally writes and speaks about "just doing it", the future of work, the new generation of work and software, and the humility of the Swabian dabbler.

  • I am creatable because I like to bring different perspectives together to create better solutions.

    Philip Rigley

    Philip Rigley is a social scientist and senior director. He has been working at the Spiegel Institute since 2013 and is responsible for UX Empowerment. He has many years of experience in user-centered and co-creative innovation processes. Philip Rigley is a trainer for certification seminars CPUX-F, CPUX-UT & CPUX-UR.

    Spiegel Institute is part of the Creatables, because we want to combine the creativity of the gaming industry, sustainability and the perfect user experience - the user experience. This allows us to develop holistic, innovative products that are optimally tailored to the respective target group. 

    Spiegel Institut is an internationally operating research and consulting institute for consumer research and user experience consulting. Our goal: to create the optimal user experience! To achieve this, our team of around 130 employees works with innovative UX and usability tools to highlight the needs and requirements of our clients' respective target groups.


  • I am Creatables because I am convinced that sustainability will be an integral part of the DNA of digital - both in practice and in teaching.

    Prof. Sebastian Stamm

    Prof. Sebastian Stamm grew up in the dark forests of Upper Franconia, Germany. Since childhood he has been passionate about drawing, mechanisms, robots and unique fictional characters. He enjoys cozy bars, hearty food, spending time with his wife & son and forest work. Sebastian studied Illustration and Animation at the Kunsthochschule Kassel, Germany, and graduated with honors in Visual Communication (Illustration and Comics). He is co-founder and member of the award-winning indie game studio Black Pants Studio, where he works as Art Director / Illustrator and Managing Director. Before pursuing his passion for illustration and games, Sebastian worked as a geriatric nurse, cable installer, ran a youth club/bar called Tabula Rasa, co-founded Woodland Festival and ANJS Skateboards.

    Currently Sebastian works as a professor of game art and teaches at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Berlin. He is a member of the IF (Institute for Design-Based Research).

  • I am creatable because there is no topic more important to me personally and also professionally than the question of how we can achieve sustainability goals - and, in my opinion, achieve this creatively-digitally.

    Prof. Dr. Steffen P. Walz

    Prof. Dr. Steffen P. Walz is Innovation Director at diconium, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. At the same time, he is Adjunct Professor for Game Design at the Australian Swinburne University of Technology, teaches on the topic of "Playful Innovation" at the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law (ES-HSG) at the University of St.Gallen (CH), and for several years headed the Games & Experimental Entertainment Laboratory (GEElab) he founded at Melbourne's RMIT University, which also operated as GEElab Europe in Karlsruhe.

    For more than twenty years, Steffen has been exploring the potential of digital (serious) games, gamification, persuasive technologies and digital culture for sustainability, digital strategy and business model development - the goal: to use interactive entertainment and successful content in "living labs" to instigate learning, motivate, inspire and help create positive change.

  • Cross-Innovation ist für mich der Schlüssel zur Erreichung der Agenda 2030. Ich bin überzeugt, dass wir zukünftige Herausforderungen im Kontext der 17 SDGs als Gemeinschaft, als Team über verschiedene Branchen und Disziplinen hinweg meistern werden. 

    Sven Schmidt

    Sven Schmidt is one of the initiators of the creatables initiative and has been involved in the production, marketing and distribution of digital media with a special focus on games for 20 years. In his career, he worked successfully as a producer and marketing manager in companies such as WEB.DE, Electronic Arts, Gameforge and Crytek, and since 2014 he has been advising clients in the fields of eCommerce and games as a freelance consultant. In consulting, he takes a holistic approach in which the various elements and disciplines in a company pull together.

    As a coach, he accompanies people who are facing fundamental dissatisfaction or disorientation in their careers. His clients learn to show themselves with all their talents, skills, know-how and the topics they are passionate about and thereby achieve fulfillment in their professional life.


Freie WIldbahn

The podcast for sustainable innovation

Sven Schmidt and Steffen Walz founded the creatable conference to bring together creative professionals with small and medium-sized enterprises. The idea is to work out digital strategies for more sustainability together.

In addition, the state distributes innovation vouchers to go beyond mere talks and provide seed capital for the ideas developed.

Listen to all episodes

In this episode, we discuss how the game scene can help anchor sustainability in the entrepreneurial world, what hurdles need to be overcome, and what Sven and Steffen believe needs to change in the future to connect business and sustainability in the long term.

These are the partners of the creatables initiative

Our partners

As partners for the Initiative creatables, well-known institutions, associations, universities and companies from Baden-Württemberg have been won over to support the cross-innovative approach of creatables.

Partners of creatables are MFG Baden-Württemberg, IHK Baden-Württemberg, Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart WRS, K³ Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaftsbüro Karlsruhe and Messe Karlsruhe, RKW Baden-Württemberg , game Baden-Württemberg, Cyberforum Karlsruhe, DIGIHUB Südbaden, D:hub Stuttgart Code_n, Hochschule der Medien, Spiegel Institut, diconium, Infinite Digital and Janick Oswald Vaerk. The MFG and Creatables Initiative conferences were supported by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing.