Are you game
to create sustainability?

As a sustainability initiative, we bring game developers, UX experts and SMEs together in innovation teams to create sustainable processes, products, services and future-oriented business models for your company.

How does that work? Let's be creatable!

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Which best practices for sustainable creative innovation actually exists?
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CREATABLE X - your way to sustainable innovation 

You have realized that change is not only necessary, but also possible

You would like to learn how your company can transform existing processes into sustainable growth potentials
You want to combine entrepreneurial success with sustainability and take account of accelerating technical and social developments
You strive for more sustainability in your processes and products
You want to motivate your employees for innovations
You ask yourself: How can we bring together the existing mindset with a genuine sustainability approach?


We show you a path to entrepreneurial success and human-centered sustainability tailored to your business.

We take you on a 5-day game-walk where you develop your entrepreneurial future
We combine iterative creative methods and mechanics from the games industry to develop your next innovation with you
We teach you how, from status analysis to new prototype, innovations can be resiliently positioned in the marketplace
We show you how to jointly and successfully set up new processes and develop products in the future that are user-centric and sustainable
We test your prototype with you on your target group at the end of the 5-day walk
We create a potential benefit through our collaboration that significantly exceeds your expenses, otherwise you have the option to set the price for our services yourself
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