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Generating sustainable innovation with collaboration between SMEs and creative professionals

Creatables brings together SMEs, start-ups, game developers, universities and creative industries as an innovation team to promote cross-innovation in the context of sustainability on an equal footing, collaboratively with creative methods and in a very practical way. In concrete terms, this involves the development of digital applications, training courses, new products and services, and the creation of new sustainable business models.

Networking events & regional meetings

We bring together stakeholders from the cultural and creative industries, especially game developers and UX designers with SMEs for possible collaborations and inform about best practice examples and funding opportunities. In half-day workshops, participants learn about the creatables method for sustainable innovation.

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At the internationally oriented conferences, we provide an overview of new approaches, narratives and innovation methods as well as examples of successful cross-innovation.

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As a central offer for SMEs, we offer multi-day workshops to develop concrete new and sustainable solutions for products, services, applications or business models of your company in an interdisciplinary way using the CREATABLES method.

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Personal Consulting

We would also be happy to advise you on specific issues relating to the sustainable digital transformation of your company. Just get in touch with us.

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In the LinkedIn group creatables we offer opportunities to network internationally on sustainability topics. Link to LINKEDIN Group Creatables

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You have realized that change is not only necessary, but also possible.

You would like to learn how your company can transform existing processes into sustainable growth potentials
You want to combine entrepreneurial success with sustainability and take account of accelerating technical and social developments
You strive for more sustainability in your processes and products 
You want to motivate your employees for innovations
You ask yourself: How can we bring together the existing mindset with a genuine sustainability approach?


We show you a path to entrepreneurial success and human-centered sustainability tailored to your business.

We take you on a 5-day game-walk where you develop your entrepreneurial future
We combine iterative creative methods and mechanics from the games industry to develop your next innovation with you
We teach you how, from status analysis to new prototype, innovations can be resiliently positioned in the marketplace
We show you how to jointly and successfully set up new processes and develop products in the future that are user-centric and sustainable
We test your prototype with you on your target group at the end of the 5-day walk
We create a potential benefit through our collaboration that significantly exceeds your expenses, otherwise you have the option to set the price for our services yourself
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How does creatable-x work?

Content – What is it about?

For a successful sustainable product, it is essential to generate innovative ideas for products, services and their implementation. It is equally important to make these ideas tangible and to implement them in first prototypes (MVP) in order to be able to present and test them. With Creatables we lay this foundation.

Creativity is inherent in all of us. Everybody contributes with his/her individual view to new approaches. With Creatables you develop the mindset to combine these new approaches into effective solutions. You will experience the entire process from vision to tested product - in individual and team work - which will bring about a positive change in your perception and thus in your entrepreneurial actions, because growth on the inside leads to growth on the outside.

Agenda I Schedule - How do we do this?

Assessment & Pre-Session: Checking the feasibility & on-boarding on the topic of sustainability

Day 1 - Status-Quo & Vision: the importance of a clear vision in the organization & a general introduction to sustainability, SGDs and Agenda 2030

Day 2 - Sustainable Ideation: introduction & application of different UX & creative methods

Day 3 - Shaping Innovation: application of game mechanics

Day 4* - Prototype: creation of a testable prototype (MVP)

Day 5* - Evaluate: testing with users of the target group as well as recap, feedback & next steps

* optionally implementable by you or our UX designers and UX researchers

Result – What comes out?

You experience a change in the course of the workshop - it starts in your thinking. They develop new solutions, try out new approaches and test them. They recognize how they can transform existing into sustainable future potential, in the form of new products and/or services as well as business models. We enable you to uncover your sustainability potential and bring it to life with realistically implementable products and services. Get direct feedback from your future customers on the developed prototypes and that already after 5 days.

With creatables, you don't get innovation with a guarantee of success. They acquire the ability to change their thinking and thereby create impact. This will make them an effective agent of sustainable transformation.

Who – For whom is creatables?

Creatables is for all those who have already realized that they cannot continue to operate in their own company as before. The increasing pressure from society, investors or politics is palpable. For all who want, need or recognize the opportunity for change and do not yet know how. Recognize your opportunities and use them. We support you in doing so.

No prior experience in sustainability, ideation, prototyping or testing required.

Get in touch - we'll be happy to talk to you about the benefits for your company.