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How do new impulses for sustainable innovations emerge? New ideas for products and services are developed, tested and implemented through the collaboration of game developers, artists, media creators, UX experts and companies. How does this work?

Here are some best-practice examples of successful innovations and collaborations for more sustainability.

  • Cooperation between Xenios AG Heilbronn and the games company Zeitland

    The world is currently facing a global health crisis that not only destabilizes the world economy, but also affects the lives of billions of people around the globe. Game design, VR and motivating game mechanics can help improve medical processes, increase resilience and effectively support patients. At "Creatables" in Karlsruhe, Nils Dudenhöfer from Heilbronn-based healthcare technology company Xenios AG reported on how his company worked with doctors, nurses and game developers to create a sustainable learning solution for extracorporeal ventilation for patients using the Creatables method.

    Level Ex with Brainlab

    Sam Glassenberg of Level Ex and his company are revolutionizing medical practice with their video games. Doctors learn by playing and train complicated operations in an artificial environment. Recently, German medical technology company Brainlab acquired Level Ex to break new ground in medical technology. At the Creatables conference in October 2020, Sam Glassenberg showed how doctors can practice medical procedures with their cell phone camera using a game-like application.

  • Charles Johnson and Puma

    For nearly three decades, Charles Johnson has worked in the context of sports, fashion and active lifestyle products for leading global brands. With Puma, he is taking a whole new approach to sustainability. The credo is no longer Human-Centered Design, but Ecosystem-Centered Design and Creation will be a central task - here artists and media creators are also called upon to develop new, meaningful, moving narratives. He presented the Design to Fade line at the Creatables conference in October 2020.

    Cooperation VAUDE, Lightshape and IFixit

    An impressive example of cross-innovative cooperation is the joint venture for a lifetime repair service by outdoor specialist Vaude with interactive applications agency Lightshape and repair platform iFixit. The creators presented their joint project at the Creatables conference in June.

this is how sustainable innovation works

Best Practice
creative methods

How does sustainable innovation emerge and how do you find the right business model for the new product, the new application? The Creatables Initiative offers a specific workshop format where interdisciplinary teams of creatives, designers and game developers work together with companies to develop ideas, test them and develop them further, thus iteratively creating a new prototype.

With the use of game mechanics and techniques, solutions are created that are completely adapted to the respective company and the user, with an optimal user experience when using the new product or service.

If you're interested in creative techniques for sustainable innovation, be sure to check out Matthes Manos, Antonia Bartning, Frieda Preuß and Andreas Reitz.

Matthew Manos

Called "crazy or brilliant" by Forbes and recognized by HOW Magazine as one of the 100 most influential creatives working today, Matthew Manos is the founder/CEO of verynice, a design consultancy that helps businesses, nonprofits, and governments expand their impact through design-led innovation. He is also the author and creative director of Models of Impact, Give All, How to Give Half of Your Work Away for Free, and Towards a Preemptive Social Enterprise. Matthew Manos holds a Bachelor of Arts in Design Media Arts from UCLA and a Master of Fine Arts in Media Design Practices from ArtCenter College of Design. Among his many accomplishments, he was a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Arts and Culture Advisory Board from 2014 to 2018 and currently serves as a science and technology mentor for Code for America.

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Antonia Bartning

Antonia Bartning gives seminars on sustainable entrepreneurship and distributes the game Pitch Your Green Idea! The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Game. She studied sustainable business management (MA) and business communication (BA). Before, during and after her studies she worked in different companies/organizations as well as independently in public relations, marketing and political campaigns. Antonia presented her creative workshop at the Creatables conference in October 2020.

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Frieda Preuß

Frieda Preuß is a freelance workshop creator and co-initiator of creatables. With her background in psychology and public health, she has worked as a senior UX consultant for the last few years, supporting her clients to develop human-centred products that work and are fun. As an independent consultant, she accompanies people and companies on their individual path to sustainable transformation and acts as an energy package, sparring partner and solution finder. As co-initiator of creatables, she offers creatables workshops at conferences and for companies.

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Tobias Reitz

Tobias Reitz is a graduate online journalist, shareholder and co-founder of quäntchen + glück. Strategies, products and culture in times of neo-ecology and digitalization are the specialties of the 18-member team, which works on the future from Darmstadt with clients throughout Germany. Creative methods include special card sets that the company has developed. Tobias Reitz was part of the Creatables conference in June 2020.

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